Scorpio Yearly Horoscope



Your starry sky during 2014 announces improvements, new success and a series of happy events that you openly or secretly wished for. Happiness will follow you as long as you feel that you are in warm waves that move you on exchange of emotions. The width and strength of emotion make you an exceptional person. It's nice when you have trusted associates, faithful friend and a close person with whom you will achieve professional advancement and personal happiness. In the first half of the year, due to the highly dynamics of event and some unexpected situation you will have to engage over boundaries of your capabilities. However, don`t forget that the effort will be worthwhile no matter how is heavy or enormous.


Try to change some bad habits such as inadequate nutrition, excessive mental and physical exhaustion or exposure to stressful situations. Pay attention to the level of pressure and circulation. You can expect a temporary stomach irritation, difficulty in digestion of food and susceptibility to certain viral infections. Be cautious and careful in a period from April 4 until April 20, and from October 9 until October 21.


Jupiter - a planet of "great happiness" brings a series of good circumstances and ability to achieve the most significant results and the "golden fruit". If you are wise enough, new knowledge and life experience can enrich your personality and that looks precious in every way. Jupiter and Venus can bring various benefits, life prestige and superior achievement. You will see that the impossible becomes possible and attainable when the luck is on your side.

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