Life Path 6


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Life Path 6 tells you that you came into this world as a caregiver, breadwinner and bearer of truth, justice, and family life. Your paternal or maternal instincts significantly exceed all others. Whether at home or at work, you are always dominant and the head of the family. And as for these people supposed to take responsibility in the community, life for these people still revolves around the home and family, because this is a "family" number. Conservative principles and beliefs are deeply ingrained in you and define your character.

You are idealistic and need to feel useful to be happy. In community, contribute most with advice, services and support. In the first place you are a humanitarian, and your role is to serve others, with which you start in your home. You are very human and realistic in terms of life, and most important for your is home, family and friends.

This life path is associated with leadership and responsibility, and it is your responsibility to accept the burden and always be ready to assist. If you're like most people of life path 6, you're ready to handle more cargo than you should, and you're always there when somebody needs you. Because of this, you often become the authority and control situation.

In love, you are loyal and devoted. As a caring type of person, often attract partner who are somewhat weaker than you, therefore a person about whom you care, and protect it. Ingredient that must prevail in relationship is perfect harmony. You do not function well in stressful relationships that hard to control. The same with your friends, you are loyal and reliable, but can easily become dominant and want to control the situation.

Probably feel compelled to be strong and compassionate. You're very kind and generous person, regardless of whether it is material or immaterial things. Wisdom, balance, and understanding are the foundations of your life and define your approach to life in general. Your extraordinary wisdom and the ability to understand the problems of others can be seen at an early age. It allows you to easily bridge the differences in ages and early assume an important role.

Life Path 6 has several negative features, but there are some typical pitfalls. You can become overwhelmed by responsibilities and a slave to other people, especially family members or close friends. Easily become critical of others and have a tendency to become too hard on yourself. Because of the misuse of this Life Path can become prone to exaggeration and opinion that you are always right. In this case, modesty and humility not easily expressed. In the case of the imposition of thought, you have to worry about.

The problems of these people can become very complicated, so sometimes abandon responsibility. Therefore, you may feel guilty, which could have adverse consequences for your relationship with other people.

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