Life Path 8


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Life Path 8 says that you have arrived to this world armed with the leadership, management, organization and conduct. You are very ambitious and goal-directed. You'd use without hesitation your ambitions, organizational ability and effective approach to create your own niche. If you belong to the positive side of the number 8 you are endowed with tremendous potential for achieving long-range plans and ideas, and you are careful enough and independent to make them into practice. In short, you are born to be in charge.

You know how to manage yourselves and your surroundings. Your ability to judge the character and potential of the people around you is an advantage that works in your favor. In large part responsible for your success is hard work. The Life Path is the most prone to the fact that it creates workaholics. However, your ability to see good people and include them into your efforts is the uniqueness that should not be overlooked. There is something inspiring in you that allow you to become a great leader. You are practical and persistent in achieving the main objectives and brave in your convictions when you need to take some risks in order to continue on.

Life Path 8 people are focused on experimenting pleasures offered by the material world. On this path are many powerful, confident and wealthy people. Most of your concern involves money and to overcome the power that comes when it is properly managed.

On these life path people are usually eager and occupied with status as the ultimate measure of success. Want from others to recognize and acknowledge your hard work and accomplishments. Admission to the elite clubs and receiving honors are extremely important to you. In this sense, you will see that you are more than well prepared for the competition in the business world or in the political arena.

In relationship you are sincere, honest and resolute. You can be very in love, but make sure other people understand that. Just because you're a generous supplier is not always adequate substitute for showing care and affection. You have a great need for a close intimate relationship that would mitigate and soften the nature of your character. You have to find time for love, and considered it equally important projects in life as any other.

Negative side of life path 8 can be shown in the form of dictatorship and suppression of enthusiasm and efforts of the people who surround you. Often the strength of your personality excludes close feelings towards people with whom you come in contact. Material gains and awards often become the most important things, even at the expense of family, home and peace. Dedication to success can become an obsession. Emotions are often restrained which eventually resulting in loneliness and isolation. All Life Path 8 people must avoid underestimation of others' opinions.

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